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Dr. Anahita Rouyan

Dr. Anahita Rouyan

Visiting Scholar, 2017 - 2018

Dr. Anahita Rouyan received her doctorate from the University of Bologna in Science, Cognition, and Technology (2017), with the dissertation “Shaping Public Discourses of Nature: Biological Mutation in the American Press, 1820-1945”. Drawing on her background in literary and cultural studies, her work investigates the circulation of scientific concepts among expert and lay audiences in the United States, Britain, and Germany. She is currently working on a monograph about the representations of scientific plant breeding in nineteenth- and twentieth-century American print media.


  • (under revision). Shaping the American Science of Life: The Species Transmutation Debate in the Antebellum Agrarian Community, 1820-1859. Studies in History and Philosophy of Science (Part C).
  • (accepted for publication). Scientific Nature Faking: Experimental Life Sciences in American Print Media and Culture, 1900-1914. ISLE: Interdisciplinary Studies in Literature and Environment.
  • 2017. Resisting 'Excelsior Biology': H. G. Wells's The Time Machine and the Late Victorian (Mis)Representations of Charles Darwin's Theory of Evolution. Biological Discourses. The Language of Science and Literature Around 1900, Robert Craig and Ina Linge (Eds.), Oxford: Peter Lang, 63-86.
  • 2017. Singing Gravity's Rainbow: The Interface of Song, Narrative and Sonic Performance in Thomas Pynchon's 1974 Novel. Partial Answers. Journal of Literature and History of Ideas 15.1: 117-133.
  • 2015. Radical Acts of Cultivation: Ecological Utopianism and Genetically Modified Organisms in Ruth Ozeki's All Over Creation. Utopian Studies 26.1: 143-59.
  • 2013. The Movies Had Not Prepared Him for This Teutonic Version Here: The Significance of Hansel and Gretel Fairy Tale in Thomas Pynchon’s Gravity’s Rainbow. Orbit: A Journal of American Literature 2.1.