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Of Light and Darkness

The Discovery of Photosynthesis, 1840–1960

Project of Prof. Dr. Kärin Nickelsen

“Of Light and Darkness” investigates the history of experimental research on photosynthesis in the years between 1840 and 1960 — a period of dramatic change in the biological sciences. Within the project, the search for the biochemical pathway of photosynthesis is understood as the collective construction of a causal explanatory model.

At the center of this study lie methodological questions, which are primarily pursued through concrete case studies, e.g. how experimentally generated knowledge concerning causal relations is built into a comprehensive model. Among other heuristic strategies, a common “building block” approach appears as one basis of model construction: it can be traced in detail how knowledge elements, both material and conceptual in nature, were taken over from predecessors or imported from entirely different fields and integrated into new explanatory models. The actions, goals, and priorities of the actors are reconstructed with particular attention to the cooperative interplay of collective research activities.

At present, various aspects of these events are being further researched, among them the pervasive issue of knowledge transfer at disciplinary boundaries, especially at the border between biology and physics; but also the historical question of how (bio-)energetics questions took on a whole new meaning in the charged atmosphere of the postwar era—such that photosynthesis research presented, to some extent, a possible alternative to developing nuclear energ

This research is pursued in close cooperation with one of the key actors in the field researched, Prof. Dr. Govindjee (Univ. of Illinois/Urbana). In 2015 a book called "Explaining Photosynthesis. Modelling Biochemical Mechanisms 1840-1960" was published by Springer Publishers (Series: History, Philosophy and Theory of the Life Sciences, Vol. 8).


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