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Knowledge Transfer at Discipline Borders

Knowledge transfer at discipline borders

Project by Prof. Dr. Kärin Nickelsen in cooperation with Dr. Christian Joas

At the center of this project stands a classic epistemological issue: the question of how knowledge is generated. Here though, purely philosophical approaches come up short; whereas purely historical investigations often leave unanswered the central methodological questions.

In this project, therefore, we strive for an integration of both approaches, in the sense of an “Integrated History and Philosophy of Science” particularly widespread in the English speaking realm. The historical mutability of scientific methods and conventions is by now uncontested and demonstrated in numerous case studies; nevertheless, sundry heuristic strategies are also in evidence that consistently extend and endure beyond local and immediate contexts. These strategies and their application, particularly in the realm of knowledge transfer over geographical, and even more so disciplinary boundaries, is investigated on the basis of selected cases from the biology and physics of the 19th and 20th centuries.

Workshop "Transfer of Knowledge Across Disciplinary Boundaries"


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