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Current Dissertations

  • Bloemer, Julia, M.Sc.: Monastic Natural Historians during the Southern German Enlightenment
  • Heins, Nele, M.A.: Periodically Ill. About the Interpretation of Menstrual Pains in the 19th Century
  • Müller-Ahrndt, Henriette, M.A.: Natural History´s Artists. A Study on the Cooperation of Draftsmens, Printers, Copperplate Engravers, and Natural Historians in the 18th Century.
  • Musil-Gutsch, Josephine, M.A.: The Past under the Microscope. Collaborations between Sciences and Humanities on Historical Material Culture (1880-1930)
  • Schürch, Caterina, M.A.: The Cooperative Search for Mechanisms and the Position of Biology in the Natural Sciences, ca. 1920-1940
  • Spenninger, Claus, M.A.: Matter and Conflict. Ideas of Progress and Critique of Religion in 19th Century Scientific Materialism (1847-1881)
  • Stuhrmann, Cora, M.A.: Competing Disciplines: Sociobiology and the Social Sciences, 1975-1995
  • Schütz, Marina, M.A.: Cooperative Competition in Big Biology. The Beginnings of the Human Genome Project in the Laboratory